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The Council Of Katadesis

Anya Solaris Curator of World History & Politics

A polymath with an almost photographic memory.  Her condition, known as Hyperthymesia, means she can accurately and readily recall detailed events in her life. For her, the memory of her fleeing Russia during the 1917 revolution is as vivid today as fourteen years ago. Having seen the true unfiltered world history in all its atrocities, she is not blind to the world’s cruelty. Often finding it hard to relate to others, she can seem cold and uncaring.
Of all the council heads, she is perhaps the one most attached to Katadesis as a bastion of knowledge. Having argued whether humanity can handle history and its truths or only a select few should hold this knowledge.

Leroy Locke

Leroy Locke Curator Of The Arts

An educator and advocate of arts. Leroy Locke is one of the leaders of the Harlem renaissance. Head of the arts at Katadesis, he uses his knowledge to help move humanity forward. Visiting Katadesis when necessary, he leaves most of his council responsibilities in the hands of his assistant Moneta Sleet, who he has taken under his wing to train as the next Curator for the Arts at Katadesis.

Khalifa Nahidi Curator Of Economics

In a family devoid of sons, Khalifa’s father faced an agonizing choice: relinquish his thriving enterprise or let his daughter defy convention and assume the guise of a man, ultimately inheriting the family business. Khalifa’s innate talent swiftly outshone her father’s, and recognizing her extraordinary potential, he urged her to apply to the esteemed Oxford University. Against all odds, Khalifa garnered a first-class honors degree in Economics, carving out a career the only female in the male-dominated world of stock trading. The cost, however, was heartrending – banishment from her homeland and eternal estrangement from her family.

Her name, Khali, bares a dual significance – “male successor” and “holy girl.” In 1919, the secretive Katadesis extended an invitation, drawing her into their enigmatic council. Over the years, Khalifa’s wisdom and compassion has earned her not only a pivotal role but also the profound respect and admiration of her colleagues.


Prof. Cornel Quavean Curator Of Sociology

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Astronomy, Statistics, Data science, marine biology.

Dhrav Rashil Curator Of Industry & Communication

The Metis Polar Station has lain dormant for many years. After almost a century, is it about to finally yield its secrets? The concluding chapter of the Metis Chronicles links the past with the future. Knowledge is power. Its use is the choice we must make.







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