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Billy took a dime from his pocket, flicking it high into the air before slapping it down onto his wrist. “See that.” He said. “That’s us, two sides of the same coin, one bright and shiny, and the other face down in the dirt.”

Liliana Pandini
The sole offspring of Giovanni and Lucia Pandini, was a captivating and aloof individual notorious for her untamed and impulsive behavior. Heiress to the Pandini Bank and other ventures, the family’s roots could be traced back to Renaissance Italy. Not only the Medici family but also the Pandini amassed their wealth through banking, often neglecting to inquire about their clients’ financial sources.

When Liliana’s parents perished in a fire at their Long Island residence, rumors circulated she was responsible. Rumors of her culpability caused the incident to spark a significant scandal. Liliana’s family sought to convict her and contest the will. The papers splashed the scandalous details of Liliana’s life across the headlines. Stories of her association with the occultist Aleister Crowley emerged, along with allegations that she had an illegitimate child. With some speculating, this was the true motive behind the alleged murder of her parent after the forced adoption of the unfortunate child.

Infatuated with Liliana, Pandini adopted her name upon their marriage. Embracing her heritage as his own. They discovered her lifeless body at the base of the cliffs at her Hampton’s estate five years later. The official verdict was suicide. Given Liliana’s wild nature, murder remained a possibility. Discerning fact from fiction was challenging, as she was a cunning manipulator who exploited vulnerabilities to her advantage. Much like Pandini, she possessed charm, but was ruthless in pursuing her objectives. The mysteries surrounding Liliana’s life and death mean separating truth from myth remained a formidable challenge.

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